St Catharines Birth Photography Model Call

Sept 3rd, 2018

Just like your wedding day, your baby’s birth will come and go in an instant. How will you remember all the emotions and details of the day?

I thought I was already in love with all things baby.. until I photographed my first birth. How did I not know more about it and why weren't more moms doing it?! Couples focus so much on the before and after of pregnancy, capturing images of the bump and then baby at a week or two of age. But not enough attention is given to the labor aspect of their child's story. I have now photographed three births and with each experience I have grown more in love with birth photography. Every mama should have beautiful pictures of her journey bringing her child into this world, to look back on and remember all that she has accomplished. 

If you need a little more of a nudge here are three reasons you need a birth photographer:

1. You forget.

It is actually common for mothers to not remember the hours before and after their child's delivery, and there is no shame in this. Who can blame her as her body and mind are preoccupied with the miracle of birth! Seeing photographs preserves these memories, helps you to relive moments and remember how you were feeling at a specific part of your birth experience.

2. Fathers should be in photos not taking them.

Dad is just as much a part of the labor experience and should be able to participate 100%. Let him be a part of the memories, not capturing it. When you hire a professional birth photographer you allow this to happen and this also frees dad up to be there for you completely without any distractions. A birth photographer's sole role is to focus on capturing every precious moment so your team can focus on what they were meant to focus on.

3. To have photographs of moments, details and expressions you may miss because you are occupied.

During labor you are so focused on yourself and bringing your baby into the world, just as you should be, that you miss a lot of the other things taking place around you. Having a photographer at your delivery helps you to experience these events without having to actively participate in them. Amidst all of the waiting, motions, coaching, delivery and recovery there are details and events which should be captured for you to be able to enjoy later on. Excited moments shared between family members in the waiting room, the way dad looks at you during labor, your face when you meet your baby for the first time, or experiencing your older child meeting the new baby, to name a few. 

When you book the model call birth session you will receive an in person pre-consultation where we will go over your expectations of birth and all that I provide during labor. Starting at 38 weeks I will be on call, day and night, to capture your entire birthing experience, from active labor, through the first few hours of your new baby’s life in a beautiful and real documentary style. This includes sweet moments such as your baby’s first breath and first cry, cutting the cord, you meeting your little one for the first time, and all the little details about your brand new baby. 

Within two weeks after delivery you will receive 75+ fully edited digital images on USB, which will include both color and black and white images. 

The regular cost of a birth photography session is $1200, however if you book the model call session you will receive it for $400. That is an $800 savings. 

The nature of birth photography requires your photographer to be on call. As a result of this there will only be two (2) slots available for November 2018 and two (2) slots available for January 2019.  Applications are open for submissions starting today and will close on October 1, 2018.