Abigail B | Nassau, Bahamas Children's Photographer

Someone has been a bad aunty but I wont call any names... Elora.. This session is of my niece from last year November and I have only just finished editing it. My poor sister I'm sure has forgotten all about it by now, but luckily family is understanding.

Well surprise! 

Abby was feeling under the weather when we did her session but she was a little trooper! As long as she had her little wooden man in hand (which you will see in *many* of the images below) she was very content to sit and eat some cake. It took a little prodding but she finally chowed down and got messy. 

Once she had a full belly and had enough of the cake we decided to do a little bubble bath, but this did not go so well. The water was not the warmest and as soon as we put her in the water the tears began to flow. Of course I had to grab a few shots before she was scooped up and wrapped in a towel to dry.